Does the change of season bring you happiness or stress? How do we stop focusing on to-do lists to creating happiness in the fall season? I have a few ideas. If you feel stressed by fall (or life) it’s time answer some questions. It’s easy, I promise. Ready to jot down some notes? Let’s go.

I love Fall.

The weather goes from oppressively hot and humid and the air feels fresh. It gets easier to be outside most of the day instead of feeling like I need to either dive into the water or just hide in the shade or house.

It’s harvest time and all the colors and bounty that comes with that shows itself at the Farmers Market. It’s hot food season again! Soup, Hot Cider, and I get to dig into my tea. It gets me excited to play in my kitchen again instead of wanting to eat salad or nothing. I love food. I need to get better at cold food prep in summer.

In this blog, I want to help you explore what a “Happy Fall/Autumn” means to you, even if you’re like my husband who says aggressive bugs make it his least favorite season. Is there ONE thing you like about fall? I’d love if you’d tell me below and let me know any insights you’ve had after reading. Thank you, dear reader. I appreciate you.

Happy Fall!?

For some people, it’s baking apple pies, canning food, and visiting farmers or other such foodie adventures. For others, it’s adventures like seeing the fall colors or camping. Whether it’s cider mills or apple picking, pumpkin carving, decorating, or just eating something pumpkin-spiced ANYTHING A.S.A.P.; you do you! And let’s not forget Halloween, that day when you can be anyone or anything you want. Let your freak flag fly!!


I feel like there are two types of planners. Those who do, and those who don’t. I am a planner junkie! My husband does no planning on paper and doesn’t inform me of his plans until “Right Now”. He will tell me in advance of an event that it’s happening but unless it gets put on the calendar I don’t remember.

It’s all put down on paper or digitally. That way the plans are out of my head and the stress is off my shoulders. He told me yesterday that he doesn’t understand that “thing” while pointing at my bullet journal. It was like saying he doesn’t understand me! GASP. Straight to the heart. I am a planner. He is not. I forgave him.

So whether you fly by the seat of your pants or go full creative and draw up a fall bucket list, it’s up to you. I am bullet journal/ Pinterest junkie so I created a Pinterest board for this blog. Resources are at the end.

As with any planning schema, one needs to get the details in order.

If you don’t have any “method” just start with a blank page of paper and something to write with. Start by answering these simple questions. These are some prompts to help you get started.




When asking this question of a group it can often be followed with sighs, shrugs, and the reply “I don’t know, what do you wanna do?” Instead of asking everyone else, start by answering this for yourself. Later we’ll ask your loved ones. Allow yourself to play here. If you could do anything this fall, what would that be?

  • What do you want to do?
  • What does a happy fall mean to you?
  • What does it look, feel, smell, sound, and taste like? Use all your senses here.


Now that you’ve gotten in touch with your definition of a happy fall, ask the loved ones in your life what they want to do. It’s not all about you, so ask everyone involved for ideas. 😉 Ask them the questions from above. It can be a conversation you have over dinner or in the car. Keep it simple. For example “What are your favorite things about fall?” They don’t even have to know why you’re asking. Keep it light.

Some more questions for you to consider are:

  • Who do you want to connect with or have adventures with this fall?
  • Who are you celebrating the holidays with?
  • What birthdays, anniversaries, or Halloween parties to prepare for?
  • What do your loved ones want to do? Some might want to go to a game. Others might want to craft.
  • Write it all down on your idea list.


Fall is a time to clean up from summer and prepare for winter. There’s leaves to rake, gutters to clean, and houses to decorate (if that’s your vibe). When to have fun can be a tricky question for some. How often you Play is really up to you.

  • Will you play during the week?
  • Or on the weekend?
  • After Dinner?
  • Or after school?
  • As a family?
  • Or one on one with your loved ones or kiddos?
  • How much time will this take?

Let me start by saying, it doesn’t have to take up your whole day. PHEW! However, I recommend making it a priority for your free days. One thing I learned from “Flylady” Marla Cilley is to make Saturday “Family Fun Day”. She says even taking an hour to do something together helps create connection. I agree. That way you have some family time and free time. Everybody’s happy.

Happiness doesn’t have to be complicated.

I encourage simple happiness. Small gestures can mean a lot. It doesn’t have to be grand or complicated. Some small fun each week with one big adventure each month you go a long way to happy fall memories. Overdoing it and letting perfectionism dictate how it “should be”, will not. It doesn’t matter what is done as a family, as long as you’re together. The activity helps you enjoy something together.

It doesn’t have to be on the weekend either. You could bake zucchini bread after school on a Wednesday. Get crazy! Be creative. Keep it simple. Add Fun to your “ta-da list”. If you do want to do something big or grand, keep it to a couple hours and make sure it’s something everyone’s on board with.


Have an adventure! Even one adventure during the month or season (whatever you’re up for) will bring you some happiness. This is one area where you really want to get people’s input. Maybe your kids have always wanted to go to Cedar Point’s Halloween celebration but never brought it up. Who knows where their ideas can take you.

  • What about you?
  • Where haven’t you been in a while?
  • Where have you always wanted to go?
  • Grab your travel bucket list for this and maybe take a fall colors tour over a weekend. Bon Voyage!


What’s the reason you finally want to plan for fall?
Truth be told, I hate it when I see a notification that I missed an event that I was REALLY interested in. Whether it’s a painting class or a band I wanted to see, it bums me out and I don’t want that to happen anymore. It usually happens when I was looking for something to do that weekend too. Oh well. Boo hoo.

There are more practical reasons to plan. For instance, I don’t want to be planning my Halloween costume 1 day before a party or creating it from some random things out of my closet. It’s sparked some creative ideas but it’s honestly too stressful when left to the last minute.

What’s your “why”?


It is really that simple. Answer those questions on your “idea list” and get with your family for their input. Hopefully, this helps you feel calmer. It really doesn’t have to be grand or complicated. This practice is seeding your future full of memories with your family and loved ones. It’s fun to think back on our time as children having adventures during the holidays with our family, passing on traditions or creating new memories and traditions, your way.

What does your Happy fall Look like? I’d love to know your ideas and traditions. Together we can help each other with some fall bucket list ideas.

Let’s Connect

How did this help you? What are your favorite fall activities and ways to get cozy. Let’s help each other and share ideas. We’re all in this together.




Here’s a Pinterest Board dedicated to this blog topic. Who are my Pinterest people? I have been a Pinterest fan since 2012 when I was planning my wedding. I’ve got quite the collection of boards! Say hi below or on Pinterest.

If you want to learn about The Bullet Journal Method please check out Ryder Carroll’s website:

I found out about the bullet journal system from Kara Benz at BohoBerry She’s got a ton of creative resources which will make you feel like you’re Alice falling down a creative rabbit hole…in a good way.

Marla Cilley is the original Fly Lady. Her system is what I use to maintain my sanctuary. While she does have a ton of resources, her website is tricky to navigate so I recommend getting a primer course on all of it from Diane in Denmark or Kat. Both of these ladies feel like my cheerleading squad for the home. We could all use that! They both have great playlists. 

Diane in Denmark is my go to Flylady. She is an excellent resource on how to take your home from CHAOS to clean. (Can’t Have Anyone Over Syndrome) She is like a perky cleaning fairy incarnated! Definitely helps pick up my energy on gloomy days.

A Better Life With Kat fka Flylady Kat is another Flylady coach with a youtube channel. Very chill vibe and good playlists.