No More Turning Away.

On Thursday I headed out to Ann Arbor on a solo mission. New life, new hair stylist, new haircut. It was REALLY over due but the timing of haircuts in my life has quite often coincided with big life changes and transitions. This time was no different.

It is a time of transition for everyone in my home. My daughter started pre-school last week and my husband is working half time until the end of November and then he’ll retire. I am currently working on the completion of two life coaching certifications, one specializing in happiness coaching and building my business. It’s a pretty significant time.

On the drive out I was just enjoying the moment, wondering what my stylist would be like, and crossing my fingers I would leave with a style I loved. As I relaxed into the scope of the drive and the game of traffic the iconic song “On the Turning Away” by Pink Floyd came on the radio. I’ve heard this song countless times in my life but I’d never really listened to the words. I usually heard the song at a party with friends so after the first few lines the rest of it got drowned out. This time I really got to listen to the lyrics and they went right to my heart. I really recommend you listen to the song. Not only because it’s EPIC but the poetry of it combined with the music gives it a greater depth than the lyrics alone. The whole song was an arrow to my heart. I’ve been asking and wondering how I can be of service and this work I’m beginning now is the first step of that answer.

“On the turning away from the pale and downtrodden/ And the words they say which we don’t understand. Don’t accept that what’s happening is just a case of others’ suffering or you’ll find that you’re joining in The turning away.”

From that point on I was hooked in. The Universe had my attention to the end.

“No more turning away from the weak and the weary. No more turning away from the coldness inside. Just a world that we all must share. It’s not enough to just stand and stare. Is it only a dream that there’ll be No more turning away?”

Music and the poetry of lyrics has always been a part of me. When people would tell me they don’t listen to the lyrics of a song I was dumbfounded. My feeling is they miss half the meaning of a song if they don’t. This song is a call to action. In all the years that I had “heard” the song, I had never really “listened” to it. I’ve been asking what can I do? How can I be of service and this was my answer. Stop turning your head away from people who are suffering. Stop thinking “that person” is none of my business. Stop saying “I don’t know what to do so I won’t do anything. No more turning away.

A lot of us think to ourselves, “I’m only one person. What can I do?” I’ve learned that we need to start, always, where we are. If you are the person suffering, start with you. It’ ok and absolutely the most important work you can do! All the old wounds that haven’t healed yet, heal them. All the old grudges, forgive them. All the tears you haven’t let yourself cry, let them wash your old wounds so they can finally heal once and for all. If you need help, be open to it. Have trust that the world is in fact filled with wonderful people right within your reach that are willing to help you if only you would ask.

I have done this work and it was the best way I ever “spent” my time. If you’ve done this work and feel like you’re ready to do something greater with your life than “just survive”, find your cause of passion. There is plenty of work to do. I know I’m here to help people get happy again because I spent a good long chunk of my life searching for it. I am not a prophet. I am a friend. I don’t have all the answers of the sages but I’ve read a few of their books and actually done the work. So if you need a guide on the road of life, let me know. I’ll help you as long as you’re willing to do the work. You have to be willing to let go of everything that’s kept you “comfortable” in your suffering. Change takes work. It’s easier to stay where we’ve always known because who knows what’s “Out There”. I can tell you life is meant to be an adventure and adventures can be scary, but the riches and rewards at the end will make you smile.

What are you turning away from? What cause has always sparked your curiosity? What ways have you thought the world could be a better place if only someone would do something? You ARE someone. No more turning away. No more shying away from your own life. No more wallowing and wondering “Why can’t things be better?” They CAN! I’m telling you they absolutely can. “Feel the new wind of change on the wings of the night. No more turning away from the coldness inside.” This is what I heard in my heart.

This summer has been a season of transition and transformation. I have a new life! I’m now living and working the dream I’ve been dreaming for a couple of years. It’s a really exciting time when your dreams start to come true.

A lot of us stop dreaming altogether in favor of “just trying to survive.” We are in an amazing time! Yes, there is so much scary stuff happening in the world too. There usually is. But if you can manage the courage to live a life of passion and feel useful instead of useless, then I can guarantee, at the end you will say you lived a life you can be proud of. No Regrets. Let’s do this together. It’s gonna be fun.

On the Turning Away – Pink Floyd

On the turning away

From the pale and downtrodden

And the words they say

Which we won’t understand

“Don’t accept that what’s happening

Is just a case of others’ suffering

Or you’ll find that you’re joining in

The turning away”

It’s a sin that somehow

Light is changing to shadow

And casting it’s shroud

Over all we have known

Unaware how the ranks have grown

Driven on by a heart of stone

We could find that we’re all alone

In the dream of the proud

On the wings of the night

As the daytime is stirring

Where the speechless unite

In a silent accord

Using words you will find are strange

And mesmerized as they light the flame

Feel the new wind of change

On the wings of the night

No more turning away

From the weak and the weary

No more turning away

From the coldness inside

Just a world that we all must share

It’s not enough just to stand and stare

Is it only a dream that there’ll be

No more turning away?


Songwriters: Dave Gilmour / Anthony Moore

On the Turning Away lyrics © Imagem U.S. LLC

Photo by Chad Madden on Unsplash