Happy 4th Birthday THV! 

This month marks a very special anniversary. The birth of The Happy Venture! It’s the 4th birthday of the blog that gave me the courage to start speaking my truth. To dive deep into my heart, my past, and share all of it right here. I didn’t share as much as often as I was planning, but that’s ok.

Life happens and we must be adaptable.

My entire life changed this year and my business has been no exception. I am no longer a full-time stay at home mom and part-time business owner. My husband retired and now I have more freedom in my days with our daughter in school full time. He takes care of shuttling and I can keep working. In the past, I’d have to interrupt the creative flow, just as it got good! Not anymore.

I have a bit more space in my day.

It’s easier to make plans and keep them. It’s easier to be intentional, thoughtful, and slow down the process.  Just typing that reminds me I can take a slow deep breath. I can take my time. Even my writing process has changed. You can read about that here. It feels more in the moment, relaxed, and in the flow, instead of forced. Hallelujah!

And instead of being so damn serious all the time I laugh, dance, and listen to music while I work! I take walks when I need to, or just because I want to. How awesome is that? 

I’ve gone through a shift. 

The integration of all the work I’ve done over the last year culminating in where I am right now. Full-time entrepreneur and Transformational Life Coach. It’s taken me 4 years to get here and the journey has really been 1 step and 1 day at a time.

Some days there were no steps, and that’s ok. Other days the stall of progress would make me scream in frustration because I wanted to just get GOING already!

That taught me patience.

Then Some Miracles Happened. My husband retired 3 years earlier than we were planning! Wow. 

That taught gratitude.

The awe I felt at the mystery of it inspired me to keep going. Like the universe was cheering me on saying, “You’re almost there! Don’t stop now. It’s going to happen.” And it is!

This Journey

This journey started 4 years ago when I exclaimed to my husband one  January evening, “I want to be a happiness coach! I don’t know if that’s even a thing, but I’m gonna do it anyway!” To which he replied, “Well OK!” and nodded his head in approval. (At least that’s how I remember it.)

The Happy Venture was born from that desire for others to feel as good as I felt in that moment. The moment you know your purpose from the depths of your soul, deep in your bones. It fills you up so much you have to shout it from the rooftops. After 4 years, my excitement has not wained. Now I am ready. I knew in that moment that I wanted to help other people’s journey to happiness easier than mine had been. 


Happiness Is My Spiritual Path.

I am always learning from the universal truths of love, unity, and internal peace to bring about external harmony. This is not hippy B.S. 

It’s not easy to be on a spiritual or transformational path. It takes courage and help. Guidance is what I offer. My healing internally has been solo. My path has not. My husband and mentors kept me going and pulled me out when I felt sunk or stuck.


You Are Not Alone.

If you get nothing else from this post, it’s to let you know that you are not alone. I’m here to tell you that your path, your life need not be a solo mission. I am a person experiencing all the happiness, sadness, and craziness that is life on this Earth at this point in time. It’s during times like this that we need to remember how important it is to stick together and remember that help is there for you.


All you need to do is ask.

It may not come in the form you were expecting or even hoping for but if you’re willing to follow your curiosity, that’s when you begin to leave fear behind. That’s when hope starts to guide you to what you truly want. That’s what I can offer you. Are you ready to be happy? I’ll walk with you. Let’s Go.


It’s Time

The chapter opening today is my coaching business! To help people discover what their own Happy Venture could be.  What Happiness means on a deeply personal level leading to nothing short of a personal transformation.

The Future

What will my business look like 5 years from now? I can’t even imagine! Will this business expand the freedom of adventure for my family? I hope so. I see that. 

Will my business allow me to have deep profound conversations every working day? YES. That is the most exciting part.

Will I be so inspired by those transformations that I am inspired to share these amazing people’s stories? 1000% There is a book or two in me.



The Happy Venture connects me deeply and profoundly with people and allows me to contribute back to it. The life I was born into was safe from danger and still is. It also had sadness. Some of that has taken years of healing work. I’ve learned from all of it and now wish help others be happy.

My goal is to return all the blessings that growing up in American middle-class privilege offered me. 

All the blessings and ease I received, may I return it in kind through my work and with a genuine heart. May the work I do cultivate happiness in the world and in my life. May all who know me find happiness in a way that serves them.

Happy Birthday, Happy Venture Readers.

This next bit is going to be really fun.