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Are You Happy?

What is Happiness? How do we find it?


How do we figure out what happiness when everyone else is telling us what will make us happy? We have been told our whole lives how to create our dream lives without being given the opportunity to explore what our dreams are. 

The school system is set up to teach us how to work in a system that is rapidly changing. Jobs, careers, and education are changing so fast, our parents don't recognize it.

The world is a different place now due to technology and all that comes with it. Our parents came from a different time. How do we merge "the simple life" and happiness with all that the world is today? 

There are so many opportunities out there. How do we choose?


Let's Explore What a Happy Life Means to YOU.


Would you like your home to feel like a sanctuary? 

Would you like your work to allow you to express your talents instead of hiding them? 

Would you like your relationships to be fulfilling and supportive?

Would you like to be more present, have less stress, and daily happiness?

Ready to Explore Coaching?

The Happy Venture, a website dedicated to exploring happiness 1 Step, 1 Breath, and 1 Day at a Time. What started as a passion project sharing what I'd learned on my journey turned into my purpose as a Transformational Life Coach.

After 20 years of exploring what my life could be, away from what society told me would bring happiness, has all led me here. To be of Service. I hope that finding your way here is the beginning of a path of happiness. It's not always easy. It takes patience and courage. What I can offer you is guidance while knowing you have help!

I look forward to walking this path with you.


Melissa Perry, LMT
Transformational Life Coach

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