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The Happy Venture

Exploring Happiness 1 Step, 1 Breath, 1 Day at a Time

How to Plan a Happy Fall.

Does the change of season bring you happiness or stress? How do we stop focusing on to-do lists to creating happiness in the fall season? I have a...

How to Persistently Go With the Flow

Life happens. Things get interrupted, even when we set the best of intentions. So what keeps us going in the right direction when rocks show up just as we’re heading downstream and seem to throw us off course? Persistence.

What is Freedom?

Let me state up front that this is meant to be a piece of writing that inspires Happiness and Independence, which is the aim of this space, The...

A Meditation on Grieving and Friendship

What's Your Story? We cannot know when our story begins what the moral of it will be. Hero or Villain? Devil or Saint? Superstar or Average? Most...

How to Create a Happy New Year

It is February 1st. It is the halfway point of Winter and a month after the New Year started. Many of us have forgotten, or never made New Years...

Change On the Wind

What lessons is your body trying to tell you? What change is in the air? What’s ripe for transformation? What’s that niggling feeling you keep ignoring?

No More Turning Away

No More Turning Away. On Thursday I headed out to Ann Arbor on a solo mission. New life, new hair stylist, new haircut. It was REALLY over due but...

Flying by the Seat of My Pants Away From Perfectionism!

I am trying something very new! I am writing this blog post at 4:24pm Friday April 13th with absolutely no PLAN. I don't know what I'm going to...

Do You Self Care?

As an avid reader of self improvement I am well versed in productivity habits, spiritual practices, and decluttering. As a massage therapist I knew the effects of stress on the human body. I have said to my own clients, “Self care is the most important thing you can do for stress. Take time for yourself and you’ll be refreshed and relaxed for all the other areas of your life.” As a new mother however, I needed to hear this reminder.

1 Step One Breath 1 Day at a Time

1 Step One Breath 1 Day at a Time. The road to “‘here” has either been long or short. If you’ve stayed in one place choosing never to learn grow...

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